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Down Syndrome Brunette Caucasian Girl Doll

An incredible gift and affirmation, our Down Syndrome dolls are created in love, given in love and received in love.

Serene in their love for us, in the joy they find in their lives and in their accomplishments, special children with an extra large capacity for love.

Multicultural toys 4u. takes great pride in presenting the first ever soft-sculpt cloth dolls for these special Down Syndrome children. Build self-esteem and self respect with a doll the "looks like me!" A doll that teaches your child the positive message that "we're beautiful too."

Approx. 14 inches tall, lightweight all cloth and fiber filled, machine wash and dry, easy to dress slip on pants and velcro-strip top. Available for either boys or girls and in white or ethnic skin tones. Age safe starting at 3 years old