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Latino Maria Rubens Barn Original Doll

length: 50cm weight: 1000g recommended for a child over 2 years old. 6 models

What makes Rubens Barn products so unique is that all dolls from Design Rubens Sweden AB are original and handmade. You will discover that each doll reflects our innovative design concept, exclusive to our company. This being the carefully sculptured soft faces and delicately embroidered eyes, ensuring every doll achieves a lifelike and realistic expression. Each character, therefore, has its own precious look and personality to complement its owner.

Rubens Barn are deisgned to bring happiness and inspiration to people of all ages - whether at home, at preschool or within elderly care institutions. For campanionship and cuddles or simply to make eye-contact with, a Rubens Barn doll will reward you with a warm and content feeling. So do not be surprised if you never want to let this baby go! As well as looking nothing short of adorable, our dolls provide both great comfort and a sense of security for all who are fortunate enough to own one.

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