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ALL ABOUT ME! A class pack for 30 children Linked to KS1. of the National Curriculum. This kit will make: 30 collage, self portraits with name cards. 30 bookmarks. 30 greetings cards with envelopes. Additional items children will need: scissors, good quality p.v.a and either felt pens, paints, crayons or coloured pencils. HOW TO USE THIS KIT SELF PORTRAITS We suggest the session starts with a discussion about how we look; our similarities and differences. We all have a nose, but what about the different shapes and sizes. Colour of skin, shapes of faces, colour, length, texture of hair? New vocabulary can be introduced to enable the children to talk about their observations. At the end of the discussion children can be given a €˜This is€™ self portrait and name card. Each child should write their name on the small card. These could be collected by the teacher and kept safely. The name cards will be used later in the activity. The collage and colouring materials can be placed in a central area so children can make their own selection. It€™s a good idea to tip the beads in a bowl. The children could be given a few ideas as a starting point. For example: coloured foam is ideal for making the face, Wool can be cut up for hair. Beads can be used for eyes and noses or they could be threaded on wool to make a necklace. The children will have lots more ideas and will manipulate the materials in their own way. The creative process is fundamental to successful learning and children should be encouraged to be innovative. When the portraits are complete and the glue is dry, they can be displayed as the class art gallery. The written name cards can now be distributed to the children at random and a game can be played, matching the name to the portrait. Discussion can take place at the same time€¦..€™Which picture is Ben ?€™ €˜Why do you think this is Sarah ?€™ As an extension of the project children can be asked to bring photographs of themselves, their family and the people they live with. This can lead into a discussion about the different ways people live. What do we have in common and what are the differences? GREETINGS CARDS Although this is essentially a drawing and colouring project collage materials can be added and children can be encouraged to bring odds and ends from home. Old buttons, beads and scraps of lace and braid can all be used creatively. Having discussed themselves and their relationships children can make a greetings card for someone they care about. The theme could be a picture of the family, the family pet or their home. Perhaps Grandma would like a card featuring her cat or Dad would like a card in the colours of his favourite football team. The project can lead to discussion about the occasions on which we give cards. For example; Birthday, Mother€™s Day, Good Luck, Christmas. How many occasions can the children think of? Children from different cultural backgrounds will make their own contribution and can tell the class about the festivals their family celebrates. BOOKMARKS Please note: paint is not suitable for this project as it can rub onto books. Start by showing the children the bookmarks and explain that the hole is for threading ribbon. What else could be used? How about wool or braid? The end of the ribbon could be threaded with a bead. Perhaps a button or feather could be fixed on the end. We suggest children work in pairs for this project and make a bookmark for each other. The children can ask each other questions €¦€™What€™s your favourite colour? €˜Would you like me to draw a picture of your dog? etc: When complete the recipients name should be written on the back, followed by €˜made by€™ and signed by the child. A suitable discussion to accompany this project could be about favourite books. Children could be asked to tell the rest of the class about a book and why they enjoyed it.


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