Large Animal Set – 140pc Tray

Large Animal Set - 140pc Tray

Large Animal Set – 140pc Tray


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Popoids is the unique flexible building system which links heads, wheels, bodies and shapes to bendy, popping bellows. It can be easily manipulated by children who find the popoids great fun and love to extend the bellows to hear the fantastic noise they make.

This 140 pc animal set incorporates 4 different animal heads, 1 doll head, 5 bodies, 1 set of shoes, 1 set of hands, 4 spheres, 16 half spheres, 12 connectors and 48 bellows in a plastic tub with lid. A teacher’s idea book is also included.

This set is also available in a tub SKU: POP062A

Recommended Age 3+


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